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  • Tools for DNS - nslookup, dig, host,.... also with examples, nslookup also with getting info from authoritative server
  • Mikrotik my setting, Hairpin, NAT, FW, IPSEC, flow, what to setup
  • RASPI guide to wiki
  • Bookmarks to wiki
  • Scanning tools network
  • iptables, nftables
  • SSH VNC tunnel
  • Wifi spectrum MT
  • VNC
  • dejadup + crontab

Set-VpnConnectionIPsecConfiguration -ConnectionName "NameOfVPNProfile" -AuthenticationTransformConstants None -CipherTransformConstants AES256 -EncryptionMethod AES256 -IntegrityCheckMethod SHA384 -PfsGroup ECP384 -DHGroup ECP384 -PassThru -Force


This links and pages contains info about networking e.g. configuration Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, iptables, nftables etc.


This links and pages contains info about configuring my desktop, Raspberry Pi servers and other commands useful for administrating Unix/Linux


Todo reset windows user from AD to classic without knowing AD password

Todo fresh install without efi partition, recreate it


Home Automation