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Basic Setup

For configuration special RJ12 6P6C sable is needed.

Default login credentials:

user: apc
password: apc
tcpip -i -s -g
web -h enable
web -s enable

In case of web interface shows "The application was not able to load", reflash APC PDU, symptoms from CLI:

E000: Success
Hardware Factory
Model Number: AP9631
Serial Number: ZA1434003577
Hardware Revision: 05
Manufacture Date: 08/18/2014
MAC Address: 00 C0 B7 88 B2 70
Management Uptime: 0 Days 19 Hours 14 Minutes

Application Module
Invalid Module Header!

Name: aos
Version: v6.1.1
Date: Mar 7 2014
Time: 11:52:49

APC Boot Monitor
Name: bootmon
Version: v1.0.8
Date: Apr 8 2014
Time: 10:59:40